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Company overview

Tulip Group is a successful UK-focused private group of companies, which leverages synergies across its specialist property, construction and hotel divisions to its strategic advantage. Since 2011, the Group has built its standing through meticulously managing projects from inception to delivery and beyond. Today, it owns and manages a diverse portfolio of flagship assets across the nation’s key business locations, partnering with some of the world’s most recognised brands to deliver consistently high service levels and sustainable growth.

Our Vision

Growing together, our vision for Tulip Homes is to develop as a private, diversified property group, active in the UK in several sectors, and taking a long term view of markets and our objectives.
We want our business to be recognised for strong financial performance; excellence in quality of design and service delivery; and for the long-standing impact of our values on what we do and, in particular, how we do it.

Delivering sound long-term value to our stakeholders

Continuing to expand, develop, and consolidate a diversified property asset portfolio in targeted UK locations

Sustaining our reputation for quality, integrity and social responsibility

Our strategies


To deliver sound long-term value

We continue to grow post tax distributable profits; and to deliver wholesome returns above our weighted average cost of capital and market benchmark.

We control risk by means of sustainable gearing, organisation of liquidity and meticulous asset and project management in every part of our business.


To continue to expand, develop, and consolidate a diversified property asset portfolio in targeted UK locations

We will continue to focus our expansion by geography, sector, property activity, operational capability and management team.

Our structure provides three distinct directions to achieving diversification:

  • Direct proprietary activities through asset and property management
  • Property construction
  • Operational capability in hotel and facilities management

We invest capital after careful assessment of return levels against risk, prioritisation of opportunities, and working closely with joint venture partners whilst maintaining a strong regard to UK and global macro-economic activities.

We use our capability as asset managers of existing property, as designer and contractor of new projects, as operators of hotels and venues, and as fund managers of investment to create high-quality properties for people to enjoy, and which use resources sustainably.


To sustain our reputation for quality, integrity and social responsibility

We employ, engage and develop people who:

  • Share our values of loyalty, expertise and integrity
  • Have the skills, drive and ambition to help us implement our strategy

We are a responsible business committed to working with our local communities. We ensure the processes within each part of our business takes into account our social and environmental responsibilities.

"Our strategy is to deliver portfolio diversification, growth in asset value and profitability”